Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed 1st time
Nick has been a brilliant teacher who’s helped me to pass first time (with only 3 minors!) after nine months of lessons, with no previous driving experience. He was calm, encouraging, patient and positive throughout all the lessons. The teaching was well-structured and helped me to gradually build my confidence, which meant that during the test itself, my nerves disappeared completely! I feel ready to go out on the road as a safe driver, knowing that I’ve had the best teaching possible.

I’d highly recommend his lessons to any learner driver - thank you once again Nick!

I am very pleased with my experience of learning to drive with Nick. Over the past year I have made a huge amount of progress and today I passed my test with only 3 minors. I now feel very confident behind the wheel and I believe this is due to his encouragement and patient approach. He is also gives very clear feedback so it is easy to learn what habitual mistakes you are making. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone!

Joseph Winter
Thanks Nick for your encouragement, patience and level headedness over the past year, as a 49 year old who had never driven and often times thought it impossible to achieve a 'pass' I'm still a little stunned, to all new drivers out there I send my recommendation and say stick with it, never throw in the towel, now the road opens up... Good luck.

It's been great experience learning driving with you, you are very patient instructor. I have learned the principle of driving from you and that's how I knew how to drive properly, and passed the test from first time.

I wasn't so confident when I first started driving.Previously having 2 driving instructors already and stopped driving for a while.It was hard for me to get back onto the road.But I'm glad I found Nick when I did, he took the time and patience to make me feel confident in every lesson. Even when I made mistakes he told me where I went wrong and how to deal with that situation better next time.After a comfortable amount of lessons I booked my driving test with his advice and we continue to build on my confidence behind the wheel and on the road.when it came to the test i was extremely nervous but I managed to pass first time round and now I am ready to drive independently.

Van Jaff
A massive thank you to Nick for helping me pass my practical driving test in just over ten lessons. Prior to Nick, I had several unreliable instructors who made me totally lose my confidence. With Nick's support I managed to overcome that, he's incredibly patient and well experienced, he does not overcomplicate things and is honest with feedback.

I strongly recommend Nick - I have tried to obtain my licence for almost six years, with his support it took us just over ten hours to get me up to speed even after quite a long break. Thank you again Nick!

I did midway pass course with Nick and passed first time with 2 minors. I have great regards for Nick for all his support and encouragement provided throughout the driving course. I would highly recommend Nick, as he the best instructor I ever had. Nick is very professional, patient, punctual with exceptional driving skills. I was lucky to have him as my instructor. Thank you Nick for all your guidance and support to make me a safe driver. Keep it up and I wish you a very good luck.

Zuzia Meyers
I am very happy with the instruction I received from Nick. He is professional and friendly and I was made to feel relaxed and at ease at all times. I am confident that its thanks to him that I passed my test on my first attempt. I will be recommending him to others!

Sophie O'Neill
Nick is a great driving instructor. He is calm and patient, and was flexible in organising lessons around my difficult work schedule. His explanations are clear and concise and I found my driving ability improved at a steady rate lesson by lesson. He is both reliable and encouraging and comes highly recommended.

Martin Cassidy
Nick is an excellent teacher. Having had previous lesson with another instructor, I could never quite get to test standard, with nerves playing a big part. I did a course of lessons with Nick, (15 hour test boaster) and past first time with no faults. Nick was brilliant at putting me at ease and with his excellent knowledge and tutelage taught me the skills and confidence I needed. I highly recommend Nick, and am very grateful for his help. Cheers mate!

Simona Capatan
Huge thank you to Nick for helping me pass my test the first time! After my friend put me in contact with Nick I was very nervous about my first driving lesson as I had never actually been behind the wheel and I didn't have a clue about what I was doing. But Nick was extremely patient and made me feel very comfortable and at ease and made the whole experience so painless. After a couple of lessons we were out on the road and the rest is history. Nick was very accommodating and all the lessons were conducted in a very professional and friendly matter and he's always made sure that all my questions were answered and any issues that I felt I had with the way I drove or the manoeuvres I had to do were addressed. Thank you Nick!

Caitlin Egen
Nick has been fabulous driving instructor. He has a helpful and patient approach, which makes learning a stress free task. Over the past few years he taught myself and my siblings, and we all passed successfully on the first driving examination, which I believe is a testimony to Nick's teaching skills. It was a pleasure to learn under him and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.

A 36yr old learner that had all but given up on driving
I'd not driven for nearly 4 yrs before starting again with Nick Krieger. I was very nervous getting back behind the wheel, but Nick made me feel relaxed and really built up my confidence.

I found Nick friendly, helpful, calm and patient; and Nick's easy going attitude made even the trickiest routes and manoeuvres seem less intimidating and when it was time for the test, I went into the test centre confident and really believing I could do it, and I did.

Nick is easily the best instructor that I've ever had; never cancelled and always on time, He makes you feel at ease, helps gain confidence and makes learning to drive a pleasant experience. Thanks Nick, I look forward to doing my pass+ with you.

I am very happy with the instruction I received from Nick. He is professional and friendly and I was made to feel relaxed and at ease at all times. I am confident that its thanks to him that I passed my test on my first attempt. I will be recommending him to others!

James Fairfield
After going through a long period of time without driving lessons I was slightly worried about learning to drive again however after the first few lessons with Nick I felt like I had gotten back into the swing of things.

I did a total of 20hrs with Nick to get me to test standard and the end result was passing first time with only three minors, which I was fairly chuffed with. Nick is a patient and thorough instructor making sure that you go into the test fully able to pass and also fairly acquainted with the various test routes that you may be faced with on the big day.

After learning with two previous well known driving schools I can say that Nick was a more efficient and effective instructor with your best interests in mind.

I have found Nick very patient and skilful with me. He is punctual and responsible, with plenty of experience on coaching and assist student in passing the test, he has helped me paying attentions on weakness, i.e. watching speed and check mirrors for safety, etc. I couldn't have passed the test without his valuable lessons and I would without hesitation recommending Nick to anyone who are learning to drive. Thanks again for all your help and all the best.

Nick is an excellent driving instructor. He is extremely patient and calm which helped me very much and made learning easy. I was very nervous about driving but I passed my test first time round thanks to Nick's relaxed but knowledgeable approach. He is really good at spotting what are your habitual mistakes and giving you personalised tuition. He makes the whole procedure of learning to drive seem easy and something which you have in your power to achieve. I recommend him highly.

Nick was a great instructor, helping me to pass first time round. He was always patient and calm during lessons, which was very reassuring and he was extremely knowledgeable about driving in general as well as the test routes and local area. He was also happy to work around my other commitments and to find lesson times that suited me, and the lessons progressed at a steady rate that matched my ability. I would definitely recommend Nick to other learners.

Juliet Kuo
Nick is a born teacher. He is patient and calm and makes each lesson something to look forward to. That is because he plans each lesson carefully to allow time to practice a variety of different manoeuvres. After each lesson he goes through the things that were done right and areas that require more attention. I recommend him highly.

Priya Patel
I started to take driving lessons with Nick Krieger in January 2011. I was quite nervous and apprehensive as I had had some driving lessons with several other instructors from various different companies and had not felt comfortable or confident with developing this new skill. However, with Nick I felt relaxed and able to learn fairly quickly as he was very patient and calm. He explained everything clearly and concisely. I was grasping new skills every lesson and no longer felt scared. In a short period of time my confidence grew, as did my ability to drive. I had become a safe and happy driver and felt thoroughly prepared for the official test. In September 2001 I sat my test. Nick was very supportive and when I asked for him to join me during the test, he obliged. I passed my driving test the first time and would highly recommend Nick Krieger to any learner drivers.

When it came to my exam I didn't feel nervous at all thanks to Nick! He was very helpful and really knew his stuff and I passed first time with no trouble.

Nick is my first and thankfully my last driving instructor. Nick is someone you can rely on, he is very punctual and always pick me up on time. His patient and calm manner gives you confidence in driving. Even when I make a serious mistake, he'll make sure that I could carry on with less pressure.

His teaching method is impressive and very well structured. He gives very clear instructions on how to drive safely and effectively. His professionalism provides all the necessary practice, knowledge and tools to pass both the theoretical and practical driving tests, and more importantly he gives all the important lessons so you can become a confident and careful driver.

I would certainly recommend Nick as driving instructor.

Alade Bayo
Hey Guys. I'm a final year University student and because of time restraints I wanted to do a semi-intensive course. I started driving just before Christmas and within 4 wks I did my lessons and passed my test first time a few hrs ago. I am really in debt to Nick. Before Christmas I have never driven in a car and after each lesson I just became more confident. This is all thanks to Nick who was such a great teacher. My younger brother was previously living at University, got his license two years ago, passed 1st time and believe it or not, I recently found out he took his lessons via LDC driving, and was also taught by Nick.

Good luck to anyone taking their test soon.

Muzammel - East London
Just passed my driving test. Nick was great. I changed 4 instructors over the last 2 years, failed twice. I started taking lesson with Nick only 3 months ago. His teaching method and calmness is impressive. Even after I made serious mistakes he did not let lose my confidence. I arrived late some days, but he was always there in Brent Cross station in time. He would not only teach me the way I should drive but also the logic for doing it certain way which helped me remember his lessons. I found him a great professional, and his lesson gives very good value for money.

Guess what I bought my car and now driving on the street!

Rosie Welch, 18 years old.
I started learning to drive with Nick in Summer 2009, and managed to pass my driving test first time in August that year. Since then I have completed a Pass Plus course and have become a confident, careful driver. Nick provided the perfect learning environment for me, being as shy of the road as I was during my first few lessons, his calm manner and well-planned sessions ensured I could develop as a driver, and achieve my goal of passing my test first time. I would definitely recommend Nick as an instructor, he is awesome :)

Rupesh Patel
Nick's method of teaching was simple and clear cut, this made the learning process much easier and hence faster. I'd like to thank Nick for teaching me in his patient and calm manner that enabled me to build up my confidence leading me to pass my test with only 4 minors.

Joe Watt
Nick was everything that you would expect and want from a driving instructor - clear, patient and calm. The lessons were very well structured and his knowledge not only of driving, but of the roads we were driving on, was very reassuring, especially at the start. He explained very well what I needed to do, and when I made mistakes he told me, in a very calm and friendly, what I had done wrong and how to do it right next time. He never lost patience with me, even when I made the same mistake over and over, and instead found a different way to highlight to me not only the mistake, but also the effect of this mistake on my driving. He was alsways very punctual and reliable. It is testament to his skill as an instructor that I was able to pass first time. I would recommend him to anyone interested in learning to drive well.